Hospitality Staffing in Chicago

High turnover rates in the hospitality industry can leave business leaders feeling like they’re treading water. But smooth sailing is possible thanks to One Haus, a leading Chicago hospitality recruiter. 

We specialize in staffing solutions for the hotel and restaurant industries. Discover how One Haus can empower your business by connecting you to a pool of top-quality candidates.

What Is a Hospitality Recruiter?

Think of a hospitality recruiter as an extension of your business. When you partner with One Haus, you’re not merely “outsourcing” your HR functions to a team of professionals. 

You’re also working with a company that seeks to understand your unique business — and the challenges it faces. One Haus can then connect you to candidates who align with your strategic goals.

Restaurant Staffing in Chicago

Restaurant owners today operate in a competitive industry. Strong customer service can make or break the guest experience and help make your business stand out.

That’s why One Haus works hard to connect restaurants to experienced, professional staff. Partner with One Haus for assistance with salaried roles for both front-of-house and back-of-house operations so that you can deliver a truly superior dining experience.

Hotel Staffing in Chicago

Hotels require a series of positions that range from front-desk operations to food prep and cleaning. Whatever your need, One Haus can give you access to a local talent pool that will ensure a smooth operation for you and a restful stay for each of your guests.

The Benefits of Hotel and Restaurant Staffing in Chicago

As a leading Chicago hospitality recruiter, One Haus helps businesses improve their operations, achieve their goals, and deliver a superior customer experience. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us.

A Wider Talent Pool

One of the reasons businesses struggle to find the right help is that they lack the resources to conduct an exhaustive search. With a dedicated recruiting agency, that problem can disappear. We give you access to a broader network of skilled professionals, improving your chances of getting the help you need.

Cost Savings

Investing in restaurant and hotel staffing in Chicago can save you money. How? By working with a dedicated staffing partner, you’ll avoid bad hires who can cost you a fortune and damage your reputation. You’ll also gain access to skilled candidates without having to invest in additional training.

Reduced Administrative Burdens

As a business owner, your time is too valuable to spend on performing administrative tasks and sifting through job applications. One Haus streamlines this process, giving you control when you need it while handling the time-intensive search for quality candidates. You’ll be able to escape the back office and get back to your core business.

Looking for Hospitality Jobs in Chicago?

One Haus is always looking to expand our talent network. By joining our talent community, you have a greater potential to land a job with one of Chicago’s prestigious restaurants and hotels. 

One Haus can connect you with employers who will value your skills and give you additional experience.

Start Your Search Today

If you’re looking to fill a vital role within your organization, contact One Haus today. We can handle the search based on your unique business goals. Then, we’ll provide you with candidates who align with your needs.