Private Member Club Staffing

Private club guests expect a superior level of service from every visit. A private member club staffing agency can help your workforce meet this high expectation. One Haus specializes in hospitality staffing solutions and can connect you with job candidates who align with even your most specialized roles.

Who We Serve

One Haus works with private member clubs such as:

Our team understands the challenges involved with delivering memorable experiences to each member while managing administrative tasks and behind-the-scenes operations. To that end, One Haus can assist with filling such positions as:

We also recognize that private member clubs offer a unique kind of service, which is why we tailor our private member club staffing services to align with your exact needs. 

What You Get When You Partner With a Private Member Club Staffing Firm

As a leading private member club recruiter, One Haus provides today’s business leaders with the human capital necessary to maintain a stellar reputation. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect when you partner with a private member club staffing firm.

Superior Customer Service

At a private member club, the value of customer service can’t be overstated. You need staff who can deliver a high-touch experience to every guest, whether that’s at the front desk, the golf course, or a dining facility. 

When you partner with a staffing firm, you can cast a wider net. As a result, you’ll be able to hire team members with a proven track record of exceptional service. 

Specialized Skills

Many private clubs offer unique features and services, whether it’s a golf course, spa, or athletic facility. A professional staffing service can help you pinpoint job candidates who have a passion for these amenities and possess the skills to keep your operations running at peak efficiency. 

Stay Focused on Your Guests

As a private member club manager, you have more important tasks to focus on than searching through job applications. Investing in a private member club staffing partner will keep you out of the back office and give you more time to connect with your valued club members.

Why Choose One Haus?

When you partner with a private club staffing service, you’ll gain access to an extensive network of potential job candidates, which ensures that you find the right fit for your business. One Haus takes the time to learn more about your business so we can find candidates who align with your company culture and distinctive values.

One Haus also maintains a commitment to diversity and inclusion. When you partner with us for your next hiring opportunity, you’ll be part of a movement to create a more equitable workforce, both in your company and in the industry as a whole.

Find a Job in a Private Member Club

Private member clubs are an “elite” niche within the hospitality industry. A job in a private club can be a valuable addition to your resume, especially if you desire a long-term career in hospitality or the food and beverage industry.

Search our available jobs, or join our talent network. One Haus is always looking to expand our pool of applicants, and you’ll have a better opportunity to connect with employers who value your skills.

How Private Member Club Staffing Works

How does the process work? When you first contact One Haus, we’ll take the time to get to know you and assess your needs. Then, we’ll search our available talent pool for qualified candidates who fit into your company culture. 

We’ll conduct the time-intensive search process. However, you’re never out of the driver’s seat and will be the one to make the final hiring decision. But thanks to One Haus, the process is smoother and faster than if you’d conducted your own internal search. 

Say goodbye to bad hires. With One Haus as your partner, you and your valued club members will see a higher degree of service.

Start the Search Today

Our staffing team is here to serve you. Contact One Haus today to discuss your staffing needs and discover how our dynamic approach can connect you to the right candidates.